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La Fauci, the Sicilian floor

A history of artisans, who from two generations to the present, with the inclusion of the youngest family members, such as Alberto Rocco who collaborates with his father and uncle in the company, remains one of the few industrial, artisan, Sicilian territory based in the province of Messina.

Experience and Passion for the eco-sustainable natural product, decorated by hand.

The Cotto La Fauci R.

Produced in two colors, red and straw, it assumes a set of characteristics obtained only using Sicilian clay, which work with particular care can give our products a good resistance over time.
To maintain the ancient traditions of Sicilian terracotta, the tiles present slight irregularities; not a defect, but rather a special craft feature.
It is also possible to request pre-treatment of terracotta, to give greater resistance to atmospheric agents.

The glazed and decorated terracotta, completely handmade in a wide range of colors typical of traditional Sicilian ceramics, aims to satisfy the individual needs of customers, who can also request custom decorations.
It is suitable for floors in general and for bathrooms and kitchens. Glazes and colors are particularly resistant to wear.
All our products can be laid according to traditional systems, with small joints or according to modern shapes with 8-10 mm joints. It can be laid with cement mortar and with modern "glue" materials.